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Draft for a Universal Declaration of the Human Value of LIFE'N'LOVE

based on the initial proposal of Abe Solomon, Winter 1996/97
- proposed by Toma Sik (Toma Ŝik) 17-2-'97


Whereas, the realization in practice of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the thereafter International Covenants and Protocols and other documents deriving from it, interpreting and complimenting it as adopted by the United Nations - is depending on the intellectual and emotional acceptance by the people of the universal human value of LIFE'N'LOVE (LIFE IN LOVE) on which these rights are founded,

Whereas, disregard and contempt for the value of LIFE'N'LOVE, while struggling for the sake of other values, have resulted in barbarous acts that have outraged the conscience of Humanity,

Whereas it is essential to promote the development and acceptance of the basic value of LIFE by all humans and peoples of all nations to usher in a world based in LOVE, freedom, truth, reason and compassion,

Whereas, the governments of the Member States of the United Nations have in the Charter and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in International Covenants affirmed their faith in the dignity and worth of the human person and have determined to promote social and cultural progress in peace and harmony, but they have failed to implement those and LIFE'N'LOVE in gross, and

Whereas, the common understanding and acceptance of the universal human value of LIFE'N'LOVE is of the greatest importance for the realization of this pledge,

Now, therefore,

The International Humanist and Ethical Union proclaims this Universal Declaration of the Basic Human Value of LIFE'N'LOVE as a common ideal of attainment and calls for all humans, groups, peoples, nations and governments to implement them in daily practice and spread the awareness for them by teaching and exemplifying and make all efforts, individual, group, cultural, national and international, to secure their universal and effective maintenance among the individuals and the peoples of the world and by governments.

Article 1 - Source of the Value
The inherently and instrinsically constant aspiration of every living body for LIFE'N'LOVE is the ultimate source of the only value of LIFE'N'LOVE.

Article 2- Components of the Value
The value of LIFE'N'LOVE is divided, but definitely never overruled by its components as in the followings.

Article 3 - Acceptance
The acceptance of the person as an autonomous entity endowed with natural instincts, reason and sensitivity is a basic component of the value of LIFE'N'LOVE.

Article 4- Reason
Reason is an essential human faculty in promoting the securing of LIFE'N'LOVE and controlling the progress of Humankind, keeping it in positive and constructive frames and aims, enabling humans to have a worldview that motivates- their thoughts, sensitivities, instincts and actions for LIFE'N'LOVE. Cultivation of rational thinking is therefore, an intrinsic component of the value of LIFE'N'LOVE.

Article 5- Critical Intelligence
The essential nature of humans is to question, examine and understand.
It is necessary to subject all beliefs, faiths, opinions and worldviews to
the scrutiny of reason and critical intelligence, in order to eliminate error.
An unexamined life-stance is a potential harm to LIFE'N'LOVE.

Article 6 - Truth
The aim of all rational thought is the discovery of truth. Truth consists of beliefs and thoughts about reality resulting from rational thinking experience. Quest for truth is, therefore, a supreme component of the value of LIFE'N'LOVE.

Article 7 - Egalitarian Tolerance
Egalitarian Tolerance of differing ideas, beliefs and viewpoints is essential for the discovery of truth. Absence of egalitarian tolerance leads to denial of freedom and the suppression of creativity that are inherent components of LIFE'N'LOVE. Egalitarian - i.e. non-superior - tolerance is, therefore, a basic component of the value of LIFE'N'LOVE.

Article 8- Creativity
All social progress is the result of human creativity Rooted in the individuality of a human, creativity can flourish only in an atmosphere of free LIFE'N'LOVE.

Article 9 - Freedom
There is no total freedom in LIFE. The issue of freedom rises when LIFE'N'LOVE is restricted. Therefore, it is essential that there should be freedom for all humans reciprocally and on equal footing for all implementation and exercise of all ingredients and components of LIFE'N'LOVE.

Article 10- Equality
For the full implementation of UFE'N'LOVE of the human person, humans should be related reciprocally as equals in conditions and rights in all spheres of life indifferent of gender, age, social-economic status, sexual orientation, race, belief or non-belief, opinion and ideology or non- opinion and non-ideology culture and tradition, nationality or on any other ground.

Article 11 - Justice
The principle of justice which dictates equal consideration for the well-being and LIFE'N'LOVE, in relationship between individuals, groups and between them and institutions, should prevail universally.

Article 12- Humankind and Nature
Humans, being a part of Nature, necessitate their living in harmony with it for the sake of LIFE'N'LOVE. Concern for ALL LIFE and the quality of the environment ought to guide ail human activities, it being a central component of LIFE'N'LOVE.

Article 13- Universal Culture
While an authentic natural culture is based on and is related to the local and regional, environmental, ecological, balanced and sustainable situation and conditions - it should be the aim of ail human endevour to evolve a universal spirit of culture based on LIFE'N'LOVE - i.e. freedom, truth, reason, compassion, openness - which all are the basic components of LIFE'N'LOVE.
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