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toma_sik's Journal

Toma Sik, anarchist vegan pacifist world citizen
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Toma Sik, anarchist vegan pacifist world citizen
TOMA SIK/TOMA ŜIK (shick) (1939-2004), anarchist vegan pacifist world citizen.

The aim of this LJ community is to share information and opinions on Toma Sik’s life, work and ideas. If you knew him personally or otherwise, let us know. Texts by Toma Sik, links to websites related with him, stories on your relationship with him, comments and further development of his ideas etc. will be welcome.

About 1997, he described himself in this way:

Autodidact, eclectic. “A professional non-professional multi-faceted person”. Administrator, analyst, journalist, worker, social worker, limited knowledge in legal matters, handicraftsman, agriculturalist, etc. All on a non-professional level but with certain experience and knowledge. And more.

Proletarian, utopian socialist, “uneducated”, mondian (world-citizen), Esperantist, anarcho-pacifist, moralist and health vegan aimed at fruitarian, naturist and naturalist, naturopathic, “green”, secular-humanistic rationalist, not-Jewish since age 10, socio- political human rights & peace multi-activist, responsible freak, loving humans but not masses and mass-mentality, also not individualism.

Seeks woman and men who are similar or wish to become alike quickly, who seek one like me candidly, to share everything mutually.

Ultimate aim: commune thru stages (or at once if there is utmost consent), to become integrated, integral humans of integrity, thru simple, optimistic, modest, creative, constantly consistent lifestyle.

You can find a short biography at http://libcom.org/history/sik-toma-1939-2004 In http://www.wri-irg.org/news/2004/toma-en.htm you can find the text “Puzzles of a Lifetime” by Toma Sik. In http://www.kthier.de/id4.htm you can find it also in German.