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TUNER project, by Toma Sik

TUNER project

Towards an Urban Natural Evolving Reality

A Cooperative for making clean income for living and for public-social activity for assisting the fellow and guarding human and civil rights.


  1. The group works as a cooperative aimed at gradual and natural turning into a collective and maybe into a commune.

  2. Minimal number of members: 6.

  3. Every member of the group participates in all activities of the group.

  4. Every member of the group has an opinion an standpoint and participates in the decision-making in the group.

  5. The daily management and bookkeeping of the group are done by one of the members in rotation by periods of 2/3/4/* months, as agreed upon in advance and from time to time on.

  6. On basic questions and as a general trend decisions are made in full quorum and with an aim of consensus or a two thirds majority of the group members, including by the use of the telephone and other telecommunication devices, or proxy (proxy cannot be vested permanently with the same person, even in case of permanent couples).

  7. Every member is supposed to participate in income-making work for 34 hours per week and in public/social activity for 28-34 hours per week.

  8. Timing of the working hours is made with flexibility within coordination between the needs of work, needs of activity and the personal needs of the member/s.

  9. Every member will get the sum of ** per hour according to the number of work-hours invested actually in a week, with respective added hours for the weekly sabbatical and eventual holidays; however the total personal salary per month will not exceed the sum that is not taxable by state law.

  10. The customary holidays of the group are:
    • New Year Day - January 1st;
    • Forest Day - Spring Signal Day - When the first blooming is noticed in January-February (or later according to the region)
    • International Women s Day - March 8th;
    • International Day Against Racism - March 21st;
    • Masquerade - Carnival - everywhere according to tradition;
    • Spring Festival - When Easter or Passover is celebrated - one day only;
    • World Labor Day - May 1st;
    • First Fruit Day - according to the region;
    • Coupling Day - Valentine - 14th April
    • Harvest Festival - according to region;
    • World Unity Day - The United Nations Day - October 24th;
    • World Children Day - October 31st;
    • World Human Rights Day - December 10th;
    • (should be checked and added with more)

  11. he reward collected from clients will include:
    • Reward for actual work hours plus for weekly sabbatical and eventual holidays, respectively/relatively;
    • Expenses for materials, tools, accessories, travel and transportation, management, etc;
    • Addition of 25% of the salary/ies for insurances;
    • Addition of 20% of the salaries and materials etc. - contribution to the group’s public activity;
    • Addition of 20% of the salaries and materials etc. for a well-known public voluntary aid organization according to the client’s choice from a list composed and presented by the group;
    • From clients that are public or commercial organisations , the contributions will be calculated by 30%.

    • Leaves will be coordinated in advance in due time and will be payed for according to the principle of one week after every 6 full working months or respectively/relatively. It is permissible to collect leaves up to l0 weeks.
    • Sick leaves will be payed from an independent insurance fund of the group (to be found out how it should be done).

  12. World view open: secular-humanist, anarcho-pacifist, vegan.

  13. Lifestance: simple, modest, sustainable, integral, integrated, based on integrity, creative and happy, helpful, open, contributive.

  14. Dwell initially as before and as regular;
    For consideration: in one house, preferably a neglected one - for independent renovation:
    • in tents?
    • in mobile-houses (cars-caravans)? -“Circus project”

  15. Projects / in / phases

  16. Source of Income: ecological collection / recycling / re-use, gardening, care for children/elderly/and the like - only what doesn’t harm and is helpful Everything independently or as a group.

  17. Social Involvement: helping the fellow - for the most oppressed and the deprived - conversations with the mentally needy; serving as mouth and pen; escorting; exemplifying a positive/contributive/natural/helpful/happy way of life.

  18. Physical involvement
    • cleaning of empty grounds
      • Leaving a board: This ground was cleaned by TUNER Project volunteers.
      • follow up during a month / repeated cleaning according to need
      • follow up / attempt to consent with neighbours on establishing a garden for pleasure and food, same with owners of plot/municipality.
      • For consideration: whether to leave boards at sites of social care.

    • preparing and erecting of collection-devices by nature paper, plastics (containers, bags, material, sheets), metals (iron, aluminium, copper), cloth-material, wires, furniture, misc.

  19. Erecting a work-shop for repair aimed at re-use.
    • Finding space for centers for recycling/re-distribution of the collected items.
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