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Life Partnership

5th draft - not final proposed by Toma Sik (shick), 25-02-’97



    • a. LIFE is the only value, therefore future starts now.

    • b. Doubt is the source of LIFE.

    • c.
      1. LIFE is nutrition & aspiration, i.e. eating and touching, i.e. maintenance of LIFE and reproduction of LIFE; anything else is a means to reach or compliment these, if in correlation, or sublimate (replace) it, if in contradiction.

      2. Humans are thinking, feeling & talking animals pretending to know too. However, basically, - & since humans cannot and don’t know what really other animals are about - humans & other animals are the same. This is proven also in basic needs and basic behavior.

      3. However, since humans don’t know what real LIFE is about - there should be separation between humans and other animals, for the benefit of both sorts.

      4. Unnatural rituals harmfully replace naturally necessary acts/rituals of LIFE.

      5. Natural culture is ecological; unnatural culture is anti-ecological. Therefore, where ecology is harmed - something is wrong with culture.

      6. Since our present reality is in different extents (according to location and culture) unnatural, we must learn in a practical empirical way what is natural and struggle for its restoration into our life; therefore mere survivalism in the given distorted reality isn’t fit & morally sound.

      7. Education is necessary in a troublesome society; integral, integrated NATURAL LIFE is true education.

    • d.
      1. Thinking takes place in words and concepts, based on former knowledge; nothing comes out of nothing.

      2. Consciousness (awareness) brings about conscience (knowledge) of/by the mind as result of which is raised the conscience (feeling, sensitivity) of the heart. Conscientious behavior, responsibility, activity, operation bring about the tranquility of thought-feeling. Therefore, a treatment of symptoms of pain and disturbance that ignores the reasons, i.e. the situation in which they arise - is not a moral, integral or integrated one that is based on integrity, but on short-sighted, short-handed, pragmaticist survivalism.

      3. Moral is not what ones could endure but what the same wish & like, to be done or not to be done to them; Thou shalt love thy fellow as yourself; Thou shalt not doeth thy fellow what thou would not like to be done to thou (whatever the source of these ideas may be or is!).

      4. My basic rights and freedoms are my duties to provide the same to others; however, a right is not a duty to be exercised, so anyone, including oneself, may concede a right at a moment, but not the right of another person; also my duty to provide a right isn’t my duty to impose it. However, the duty to help the miserable is unlimited & unrestricted. A right is an exiome not an argument/excuse in explaining or debating anything.

    • e. Think globally, act locally. Mondianism (world citizenship) is openness, not necessarily a world travel tour or export/import. On the contrary.

    • f. Privacy, private property, egoism, egocentrism, individualism, loneliness, feeling lonely, being alone - are the same one illness: alienation; but each of them should be related & treated differently.

    • g.
      1. A human problem isn’t solved by switching the underdog/s.

      2. Equality may exist only on low standard of LIVING.

      3. “Poor” is rich - if it is voluntary.

      4. I ‘m the only one to help myself and the only one to help others - is the basis for constant active creativity & positiveness; but without mutuality there is no LIFE.

    • h. There is no Freedom but when it is absent; otherwise there is only LIFE.

    • i. I’m looking for (a) partner(s) looking for me.



    • a.
        • LIVING together in a commune of widest scoped polyfidelity & polycaritas with a number of partners who are known in depth personally & mutually by everyone.

        • Not to exploit and not being exploited.

      2. BASIC AIM: A deep cultural & factual revolution/evolution in mentality, principles & practice towards a new/old communal humane culture; the devaluation of the monetary/commercial/ industrial/academic/political system replaced gradually by modest natural sustainability, widest, closest mutual co-operation & aid & natural consciousness of the environment.

    • b. ELEMENTARY BASIS: Balance, Equality, Mutuality, Reciprocity.

    • c. SPIRITUAL BASIS: Naturalist, ecologically balanced and sustainable, intercultural, secular-humanist rationalism with scientific-empiric, eclectical approach of egalitarian objectivism as a LIFE-stance and LIFE-style; total rejection of and objection to mysticism and mystery and to absolute belief in scientism, but holding to scientific methods of research for the natural source of every and all natural phenomena; neither heroism nor martyrism but only true, helpful, constructive, LOVEful and LIFEserving dedication and commitment.

      1. Total, direct & indirect nonviolence;

      2. Total truthfulness;

      3. Full & constantly immediate communication & information;

      4. Overt & open discussion, dispute, debate, argumentation & explanation of everything at the time of occurence, before & after.

      5. Openness to tell & hear, to claim, argue, attack & defend, criticize & being criticized, to happiness, enjoyment & sadness, grief - of the self and of other/s - with a positive & constructive, creative approach and a LOVEful aim and process.

    • e. BASIC DYNAMICS AND RELATIONSHIP: Equally footed mutual & reciprocal attention, consideration, kindness, care & help in good and bad times, including foreseeing and foretelling of dangers, positive & negative options. Constant consistency, correlation, coordination & cooperation for construction & positiveness; self-criticism, criticism, admittance of wrong doing, regret & repentance, forgiveness & compassion; acceptance of the Person but not of wrongdoing; acceptance of friendly arbitration as a tool of reconciliation & resolution of conflicts & problems; no rejection & no imposure - only an exchange of explanations; absence of (r)evange, no guilt and no guilt-feeling but objective analysis.

      1. GENERAL - Low standard of living on every ground, saving, absolute and ultimate usage of everything, re-use and re cycling of everything, collecting thrown aways, re-use and redistributing them; use of source materials rather than artificial industrial products; modest, self-sufficient self-providing LIFE-style; creativity, productivity, re-productivity, low or intermediate technology. As less tools as possible.

      2. PHYSICAL MAINTENANCE, NUTRITION & HEALTH-CARE: Total vegan, untreated raw food; exercises, massages, much touch; naturopathic, herbological treatment by natural untreated remedies. LIFEstyle fit to the universal biological clock. Responsible universal sexuaLOVE, mental balance.

      3. MENTAL MAINTENANCE: Openness & realism, introspection, full expression of truths & facts, thoughts & feelings, joy & sadness, trust & fears and the like; much touch & massages, positive & constructive, creative thinking & activity, much cooperation & integration. Responsible universal sexuaLOVE, physical balance.

      4. SOCIAL-ECONOMIC MAINTENANCE: Working in sustainable agriculture and other naturally sustainable morally sound, fit & only necessary works, ideally for self-provision; transitionally on low income that avoids the need to pay tax; thus also a standard of living that necessitates low expenses. Purchase at sources like second-hand or flee-market vendors for the purpose of recycling, ultimate usage, low expenses & not paying taxes.

      5. AMUSEMENT, ENTERTAINMENT: Expression of utmost creativity of the self & group in every field, in active self-sufficient and self-providing, mutual and reciprocal amusement and entertainment.

      6. AUTHORITIES: The least possible contact, cooperation, support (in all directions). within efforts to keep friendly contact with the persons involved; based on the proverb: “What do one tells to the honey-bee? - (I want/take) Neither your sting nor your honey!”

    • g. BASIC MERITS; a person should be proud enough to admit & state, present & use existing abilities & talents; and wise & modest enough to confirm ignorance; daring & courageous enough to criticize & self-criticize and admit faults, fallacies and deceit, including in criticism.

    • h. SPECIAL BASIC ATTENTION: All natural trends should be allowed free exercise without unnatural restrictions, in correlation with natural conditions; the restriction of naturally desired drive/s and act/s is harmful to the full exercise of LIFE and restricts Freedom; especially the restrictions and modifications on natural nutrition and sexual activity. Basic LIFE conditions are: Food, Sex, Shelter; all other conditions and provisions or needs of life are either tools/means to provide these or complimentary or sublimatory elements.

    • i. PUBLIC AFFAIRS: LIFE partnership - whether nucleous, polyfidelous or communal - is not a private phenomenon isolated from the human environment, i.e. the general public. Isolation is detrimental & counteractive to the partnership’s mental and practical balance because it is detrimental to LIFE. Therefore, the partners put attention to and be active concerning social/economic/political issues, whether they have direct or indirect, immediate or remote or at all any influence on their LIFE, as a moral commitment and self-care and as a natural act of LIFE.

    • j. PROCESS: All aims may be achieved at their utmost only in a gradual & patient process but within & with a strong drive to succeed rapidly; everything is relative & absolute at the same time, but contradictions should be eliminated, or admitted as a weakness of the moment; therefore, the aim is to avoid manipulations, hypocrisy &/or cultural or pathological schizophrenia. No competition is positive but the one with oneself of the passed moment.
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