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Commune (texts by Toma Sik)

Organizing a FREE COMMUNE

Your ideas are expected!
Communism is dead!
Remaining are Capitalism, the System, the State.
The human who cares for its world looks forward the death of Capitalism and the State, within activity:
Life in Commune, interwoven with human society, detached from the system!
Free Communes Movement
Constructive, Communal, Cohabitual, Anarchist Life (on wheels?)
To live organically vegan, self-supportive (as possible), spreading the word of:
Mondianism, Nonviolence, Equality.
Many helping hands to everyone everywhere!
One value: Integral Life.

COMMUNE (about 1998)

Peace, Ecology, Life intermingled

Peace may be achieved only by Pacifism, that resists non-violently all sorts of violence, militarism and war, and eliminates all the reasons that bring about war.
Pacifism may exist only where conscientious and conscious individuals act in constant, constructive, consistent, cooperative groups in a democratic society, where the wish of the people really counts.
Democracy may exist only in Anarchism, in non-violent, non-hierarchical, egalitarian societies.
Anarchism may exist only in small societies or communes, because a state with its masses of people to be organized, must be dominatory by its inherent hierarchical structure, false concept of “representative” “democracy”, exploitative because of the need for money, therefore of capitalism that rules even the souls of people.
Anarchism may only be pacifistic, self-disciplined, self-providing; otherwise, by the rule of violent and destructive means of power, it rules not less than a state, whether dictatorial or of “representative” “democracy”.
Egalitarianism on a voluntary basis of self-conviction and understanding, that means, no concession but throwing away of the really unnecessary, may exist only on basis of what is called "low standard of living", i.e., natural way of Life.
A Natural Way of Life may exist only in ecologically concerned and based "economy"; actually, without "economy" at all, because that is a capitalist invention, the result of getting people faraway from Nature. It's a modern ritual.
No artificial ritual is positive, it replaces Nature's inherent rituals: mentally, practically, energetically, imaginationally; by that ruining the integral, integrated integrity of humans' relationship with Nature. A natural way of Life is Nature's natural (non-)ritualistic LIFE.
Life may be lived well, in security and in balance, only when it is based on LOVE: Life'n'Love. There is no other value in Life, than Life. For other so-called values, people have been killing each the other, victimizing and heroifying each the other, even "for peace", that is a theory and a situation.
"For life" - nobody may die, as it's a contradiction in concept and fact. Therefore, there is only one Life - that which we live here and now, and there is no justification for giving up life by "promising" a "better one" "elsewhere" or "in reincarnation" or "in paradise". We are to be rewarded for own good deeds in this life by good deeds of this "Life'n'Love".
I love you = I need you and care for you!
I live = I do everything that naturally means living and loving.
However, for that being implemented, we need to cleanse our minds and bodies very well.
Let's doubt and question everything that we are used to, that are our habits, likes and dislikes, "educated" conditionings, "needs".
Let's wish ourselves independent, truthful research into ourselves. This may be done only by constant, consistent experimentations, experience, self-criticism and no acceptance of wrongs, naturally wrongs not conceptually. Hard work and even dangerous, because we must try to be objective, as if we would be outside ourselves, "judging"; but actually being inside, because otherwise we cannot see anything,... and not to fall into a schizophrenic situation...
Love and Peace
for Life'n'Love

A New Life begins

in Nature

The Ancient Commune revitalizes:
• on pure land
• with pure agri/culture
• in pure air/atmosphere
• with pure food
• in a pure economy
• within pure human relationships
• with a pure mind
• with a pure conscience, consciousness.

Vegan bio-horticulture, village-life, total vegetarian/vegan, naturopathic nutrition, money-free, bartering, re-using, honest, fear-free, direct, independent, self-supporting/supplying, egalitarian and loving togetherness basing a rationalist-spiritual and practical commune, not distancing from the general society; applying non-violence and world-citizenship.

If you wish to be together, think it out and write it down (for yourself), what are your visions, proposals, your preparedness and hesitations.
Get in touch with me, for we later meet and discuss, alone and with others.

Toma Sik, Futurenow/Nowfuture Commune. Budapest, Karpat Basin, Pannonia
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